Note: You can now send your donations through Paytm, scan the barcode below and add amount you want to donate.

Please send you cheque/draft in favour of Sankalp Child Education and Social Wellfare Society,
at 107/1, R.M.P. Nagar, Gram Teelakhedi, Tehsil Vidisha, Dist. Vidisha (M.P.) India.

Financial Details:

Permanent Account Number : 60210376353
IFSC. code : MAHBooo1470
Bank Name : Bank of Maharashtra
Branch address : Gopal complex, Rajeev nagar, Vidisha (M.P.) India.

After you have made the donation you will receive;

  1. An email from Sankalp CESWS acknowledging the receipt of donation along with the 80G certificate of the concerned NGO for tax claiming purpose.
  2. And after 4-6 months, you will receive feedback with receipt on the donation made which will contain;
    • Details of utilization and Beneficiary details;
    • Accompanying photograph on a case to case basis;
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