1. Nursery, primary, middle and high class level of school establishing and running.
  2. Advertising and communicating for nation language of Hindi.
  3. Organizing welfare societies of handicapped peoples.
  4. Establishing school for prod education.
  5. Women and child development for organizing different activities.
  6. Schedule cast, tribal cast and other backward cast for welfare establishing hostels,
  7. Organizing and manages free education for him.
  8. Organization competition exams for running different organization.
  9. Care and development of environment.
  10. Running a gym for sports and youth development.
  11. Organizing general activities like typing training, tailoring training and computer training.
  12. Doing wild animals and domestic animals of protection, safety related work.
  13. Computer, electronics, refrigeration and motor winding training for institute running.
  14. Providing education for child labor.
  15. Advertising and spreading education, establishing and manage colleges and university.
  16. Engineering education, business education, agriculture education, typing, computer education, hardware and software education, mobile repairing related course training providing.
  17. Do work for women develop self-employment like kadai, bunai, silai, menhadi art, handicrafts, butic, musician, child care home, and aaganwadi center of establishing and manage.
  18. Environment related events like tree plantation, air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution to reducing, make a planning and wild life, animals, water protection and remedies for to increase awareness and doing research work related these burning Self-help group establishing and manage.
  19. Nasha Mukti, Family Planning, Pulse Polio Vaccination, Eye Camp, and Health related activities.
  20. Establishing and manage Gow-Shala (Cow Shelters).
  21. Organizing Saamuhik vivah yojana for all religion and aware peoples for government of C.M. 'Mukhya Mantri Kanyadan Yojana' and trying to reach best benefit to people.
  22. Establishing self-help groups for women and giving benefits in urban and rural areas.
  23. Physical and mentally handicapped peoples for establishing and managing an ashram and help groups.
  24. Natural troubles like earth quack, floods, fire to protection and safety for active working and all possible help providing to the people.
  25. Advertising and organizing of different welfare yojana running be Government, semi-government and Indian government.
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